Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

5 basic compounds that impact the indoor air quality:

Symptoms of these compounds may include:

At Abilitree Solution, we have professional hygienist to assess the indoor air quality of your workplace. We will be carrying out inspections and surveys to narrow down potential cause for concern. Abilitree Solution will work hand in hand with your organisation to make corrective measures.

Local Exhaust Ventilation Inspection

Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) is an engineering system frequently used in the workplace to protect employees from hazardous substances. To have an effective system it is important that it is properly maintained.

Common Problems

We can carry out necessary inspection and testing services to ensure the LEV at your workplace is providing an effective control and fulfils the requirement set by the Department of Safety and Health Malaysia.

Noise Exposure Monitoring

Exposure to loud noise can result in permanent hearing damage including a loss of hearing ability and/or tinnitus (a permanent sensation of noises or ringing in the ears). Damage can be caused either by a single loud noise or long-term exposure. Noise at work is a serious threat, with noise-induced hearing loss the most common and irreversible occupational disease. However, figures show that the threat of noise at work is also often underestimated. As a result, it costs a large sum for companies nationwide to compensate their affected employees.
Employers have a legal duty to protect the hearing of their employees and any other person at work who may be affected, just as they have to protect employees and others from other work-related health and safety hazards. Damage to hearing from exposure to loud noise at work is preventable and the risks can be controlled.
Let our noise hygienist do the job for you. We have specialized personnel assess your workplace noise exposure. We will ensure the noise in your workplace is well managed by advising you on the necessary step. At Abilitree Solution, we believe we can give you the most effective and cost saving method to resolve the issue.

Chemical Hazard Risk Assessment (CHRA)

Chemical Hazard Risk Assessment is a compulsory assessment needed to be carried out by the employer involved in the usage, handling, storage or transportation of any chemical that is hazardous to health at workplace.

We can help you carry out this assessment by method of sampling and analysis programme.