About Ablitree Solutions

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About Abilitree Solutions

Abilitree Solution is headquartered in Malaysia to serve the Asia Pacific region . We are a new generation of Safety and Health Solution providers. We provide Occupational Safety & Health related Consultancy and Training. Though we call ourselves the new generation, we still take pride in having dedicated consultants and trainers who have almost 20 years of experience in Environmental Health & Safety. We are here to provide you with solutions that would keep people safe in all kinds of workplace. Let it be a small business or a big organisation, at Abilitree Solution, we can deliver the right solution to our clients that would enable them to reduce their cost and downtime in a safe and healthy manner. Our commitment is to add value for our clients by giving more than what is expected from us. We work with a variety of industries, with a focus on manufacturing, chemicals, healthcare,medical devices, container terminals, architectural, engineering, and construction.



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